The Real Ghostbusters: Toys!

Group shot of my Real Ghostbusters Toys. If only they'd re-launch the cartoon and toyline and have me do the illustrations for packaging.... sigh. A designerd can dream. Out of all my childhood toys — between He-Man, Thundercats, GI-Joe's, and Ninja Turtles — my Ghostbusters toys were my top favorite. In this shot, I've included (my own artistic interpretation of) the 4 Ghostbusters from the original line release, Slimer, Janine Melnitz from the Fright Features set, and Louis Tully from the recent Minimates collection. These 6 featured here represent my favorite incarnations of the toy line. Mainly because after the first series, with the exception of FF Janine, all the other costume designs just looked way too cray-cray.