Dark Willow (Redux)

I love Dark Willow. My OCD made me revise the old piece. 

dark willow


I've tightened up on my character designs and background treatments. Here's the old piece.

old dark willow


I do like certain elements on this still, like certain line treatments, but overall I got it to feel less flat. I still think that artist who did the statues ripped me off. Okay, maybe I don't. But it would be cool if he did.


New Art!

Fun stuff. Played around with some character design Below: The Koopalings and the X-Men. Although I really just wanted an excuse to draw Roy and Domino.





Buffy Vs ADAM (redux!)

Since I'm on this kick of revitalizing some of my Oldies But Goodies, I've decided to update some of my old Buffy Rogues' Gallery. In 2005, I did a piece where Uber Buffy was fighting ADAM, the demonic Franken-monster from season 4. My original piece was O-Kay, I guess, but now that I'm a little (better?) I decided that it couldn't stay the way it was. I also wanted to post the original Illustrator version, before I added all the special effects and lighting. I present to you my new Buffy vs ADAM:


adam new