Mackenzie Blue spotlighted by Publishers Weekly and Girls' Life Magazine!

So a month has passed by since Mackenzie Blue book 1 officially hit the stands. Since then, there's been a lot of buzz surrounding the new tween book series and the author's plans to take it to the top.

My Prenate illustrations are being featured in as part of a slideshow in this week's WHAT'S NEW section on 

I don't know if it was the ad agency that commissioned me, or if it was the client's in-house department's doing, but my illustrations were totally butchered on the web site. The coloring's all off and everything looks like a total hatchet job.

Mackenzie Blue: ON SALE—Today!

I'm proud to announce that Mackenzie Blue is out on the shelves. FINALLY. (Holla!) now on Facebook!

I hate to admit it, but I've been hanging out on facebook more than any other sites, and that includes LJ. Although my love for Live Journal will never die, facebook's been more fun to be on lately.

My new website will still feed my new art updates to LJ, but if anyone from here wants to hang out with me on facebook, come and FACE me! (Get it? that was some corny dork humor I just did there. Plus I've always wanted an excuse to say that.)

Mackenzie Blue: Reviewed!

Looks like the comments are starting to come in. Get a gander at one of our first reviews: HERE!

I found this book review last night, and it looks like we scored 4 stars (out of 5). that's awesome! Plus she said really nice things about the art. I'm anxious to see what reviewers say about the illustrations I did. Since I'm new to the tween world, I'm really curious to see how this book does in the market. Only fourteen more days til its officially out there!

Mackenzie Blue Book 1 cover

It's Alive!!!

Howdy Pardners!

I'm excited to announce The All-New, All-Different, !

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