Buffy Vs ADAM (redux!)

Since I'm on this kick of revitalizing some of my Oldies But Goodies, I've decided to update some of my old Buffy Rogues' Gallery. In 2005, I did a piece where Uber Buffy was fighting ADAM, the demonic Franken-monster from season 4. My original piece was O-Kay, I guess, but now that I'm a little (better?) I decided that it couldn't stay the way it was. I also wanted to post the original Illustrator version, before I added all the special effects and lighting. I present to you my new Buffy vs ADAM:


adam new

Happy Hellowien!

2004 to Now

Now that I'm a full-time freelancer, I'm starting to present my illustration stuff more. I took a look at the Oldies But Goodies files and decided to re-purpose 2 of them:

RED QUEEN (Before)

rq before

MikeSegawa.com, now with 25% more video!

My web site now has VIDEO! Some of you might remember this, but I've had a few new readers join my flist recently, so some of you may not. A couple years ago, I got my art featured on MTV's car improvement reality show, Pimp My Ride!


Story Boarding


The sample I posted above is off of a script for an art house movie concept called Hotel Essex, directed by the enigmatic Jason Schuler


After 2 solid months of vectorizing, I'm all done with the final art for Book 2.  

That's right, Mackenzie Blue's coming back. This time, she's got a Secret Crush. (O_o) Needless to say, it's been hella busy. Like the first book, there are over 60 interior illustrations and since I go back and trace over my own sketches, it's pretty labor intensive. I'm pretty happy with the final outcome and I hope Harper Collins is too. 

Photoshop Illustrations

I'm sure everyone saw my foray into Photoshop painting with my Magik piece, posted last week. I would never have had the nerve to try to pull something like that off without some practice first. 

photo realistic 1

Like Magik.

Hey folks, here's the finished version of that Magik pin-up.



I'm pretty happy with it. I think it's fair to say that I tore this shit up!

Magik update

Ok, so back to this Illyana piece, here's what I got so far. Not bad if I do say so myself. This is my 2nd time attempting this painterly style. The first time came last week, when I accepted a commission from an agency in Wisconsin. Their project required a photo-realistic style so I kinda just dove into it hoping for the best. It's crazy how I  actually learn stuff sometimes.




Photoshop does take a longer time to get to where I want it, but I have to say that the payoff at the end  is kinda worth it. So I guess I don't totally hate it.

Taking your time sucks.

Hey Livejournal, look who I'm working on.

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