GLEE by me. (A practice in character design)

All Images are copyrighted by me. Glee kids (+ Jesse, from Vocal Adrenaline and Jacob Ben Israel, McKinley High's resident Jewish American paparazzi) More images under the cut.

Mackenzie Blue: Friends Forever?


It's summer camp time! The gang's got to survive the scary Mountain Man, a BFF throw down, and when nature comes a'callin... one of these kids will never be the same again! (dun dun DUUUNNN!) "Mackenzie Blue: Friends Forever?" on sale NOW! 

Tips for New Creatives

This entry's for all the talented folks I met at Chicago's CONNECT Graphic Design Conference, over there at the Merchandise Mart. (holla!) It was a humbling and inspiring moment, when I got to feast my eyes on all that amazing design goodness. Your books were great and you guys shined in your own personal styles and positive energy, and it was really exciting to see. I had a great time chatting with you during the portfolio review and after the event, and I hope whatever I said was helpful.

Here's a few more tips to help you guys on your way:

Last Minute!

Mega Awesome!!!!

I couldn't help myself. iAM8-BiT + Capcom =  I GOT TO WORK ON A MEGA MAN COMMERCIAL! 

I Feel All Special and Stuff


Mackenzie Blue Book 3: Three times the drama, three times the fun... three times the work!

frontice 3

Mackenzie (Zee) & the gang.

Mackenzie Blue: The Secret Crush

Dark Willow (Redux)

I love Dark Willow. My OCD made me revise the old piece. 

dark willow


I've tightened up on my character designs and background treatments. Here's the old piece.

old dark willow


I do like certain elements on this still, like certain line treatments, but overall I got it to feel less flat. I still think that artist who did the statues ripped me off. Okay, maybe I don't. But it would be cool if he did.


New Art!

Fun stuff. Played around with some character design Below: The Koopalings and the X-Men. Although I really just wanted an excuse to draw Roy and Domino.





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