Infantino Bathtub Pals

They came out super cute!


The power of instagram

This mutant group on instagram posted my "X-Men Are A Family" piece four hours ago and it got like, over 540 views! That's so weird!! And pretty cool!



Here's the piece in detail:




Quick drawing: Inspired by that old 80's X-Men cartoon: Pryde of the X-Men

Where'd 2013 go??

Where did 2013 go?? Between work, family reunions, and Mylie Cyrus twerking everywhere it was tough to keep up with my blogging.

I can't show most of the fun projects I worked on since they're still in development but here are some of the highlights of last year. 

My 2012: Year in review

Whatta crazy year huh? Obama's president again/still, Twinkies are going extinct, and Instagram took over my life. 


In other news, my work life was pretty interesting this year, even if that meant my social life was not. But hey, I learned a lot, had some new experiences, and met some pretty great folks along the way. 2012 started with a bang. I got my long time wish of having an immersive experience working with toys, when i got the opportunity to design for master toy licensor, Tolly Tots. Toy packaging, food truck lunches, Hong Kong, Disney Princesses, it's all a blur.

Mackenzie Blue is back! Paperback, that is!

mackenzie blue paperbacks


The Real Ghostbusters: Toys!

the real ghostbusters

Hi blog. It's been SOOOOOOOO long since I've updated you. Another busy year of work kept me from updating too much this year, but I've had a little bit of a break before my next round of deadlines come back up to take me away, so I've been using this time to satiate my own creative energy and crank out some drawings for myself. 

Hey Everybody...

To everyone in the world...



Mackenzie Blue: Mixed Messages

It's out! It's finally out! Mackenzie Blue's 4th book, Mixed Messages, hit the stores this Tuesday.


This series continues to address relevant social topics as Zee and her crew tap into the world of the interwebs by starting their own social networking site. With a title like "Mixed Messages" can't you just smell all the drama?


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