Twenty fifteen. It started off normal enough...


How do I even sum it up? There I was, prepping for another year of what I like to call my "Hollywood Hustle" when all of a sudden, things got cray. Not Donald Trump running for President crazy, but definitely aligning to the pantheon of randomness my life tends to be sometimes. 

The Inspector Training Course mobile interactive exhibit game at Discovery Cube LA was so well recieved that my team and I were invited to create another one for Discovery CubeOrange County, (the Cube's original location.) There's something great about being able to revisit projects. It was fun evolving the House game into the new spinoff BackYard edition:

During the project, I got to live a dream. I've always wanted to be a character designer for animation, and  it came in the form of Sara and Diego, the new Eco Crew characters of the new Inspector Training Course game at DCOC.  


I even got to do some fun animations for the Horses: Adaptations and Fishes exhibits. I learned so much working with my team and the museum staff. The best thing about it is my team and I just learned that we won TEA's (Themed Entertainment Associations) Outstanding Achievement Award for our Inspector Traning Course House game! Can't wait to head to LA in the spring and join my development team in accepting the award. 

As the Spring progressed I found myself also working more with Demi, SalonCentric's illustrated brand embassador. In the time I worked with her I got to see her become an adventurer, an action star, and even developed new co-workers. I love fun illustration work.

Speaking of, on top of the other two projects (told you, Hollywood Hustle) I had the honor of working with Disney Corporate to draw and produce Golden Book-style collector's trading cards for 2015's D23 Expo in Anneheim, CA. This gig was right up my alley and I'm so thankful to have gotten the opportunity to do it.

Did I mention I launched a couple websites while we were at it? In the theme of randomness, I got to do some pretty interesting side gigs. I got to re-visit an old Topps project when a fan asked me to ink over some sketch cards I drew. I also got to draw some meaningful Real Ghostbusters, and designed a logo for a name twin in Lampala, Africa.


But aside from all the work stuff, there were a few personal developments happening in the homestead as well. Long story short, I did something I never imagined....



I started my own marketing agency. (I know CRAZY, right?!) 

To be continued.... in 2016! (can't wait to see what happens!)