I'm proud to announce that my 5th book hits the shelves today. It was about 8 months of hard work, and now it's a real book (or e-book if you will) Drawing for kids books is one of my favorite things to do and HarperCollins is a dream publisher to work with. 


Zee auditions for a TV show! Between middle school, rehearsals with her band The Beans, and auditions to become the biggest star this side of Brookdale Academy, she's got her hands full in this new installment of tween drama. Mackenzie Blue: Double Trouble is available at your local Barnes & Noble stores, and you can find the rest of the book series as well on Borders.com and Amazon.com

This was a really fun book to draw and I love expanding on the Mackenzie Blue universe. Lots of energy, lots of juicy drama, and it was awesome being able to spend more time with these characters I helped create. Hope I get to see them again soon.