Heads up! This weekend is gonna be artastic:

Satuday and Sunday, May 17th and 18th (Alhambra, CA): Mutant alert: I'm part of an X-Men art show! 

I was assigned Mystique and (above) are a couple unfinished pieces I'm working on now. If you know me then you know I'm a huge X-fanatic so I'm mad excited to be part of this event. It's curated by the awesome Mr. Brandon Bird, and opening next weekend at Gallery Nucleus. Opens same weekend as the new X-Men movie premieres so you can come see our show then go see the movie and really nerd it up. More info at brandonbird.com

Friday, May 16th – Sunday May 18th (Anaheim, CA):

What day is it? It's Bats Day! I'm part of this annual 's Haunted Mansion tribute show, a group show curated by Noah Korda at Gallery 999. It's in Anaheim, CA and coincides with the popular Bats Day in the Fun Park event. This year's show spotlights Haunted Mansion's popular icons so come see your favorites as you've never seen them before. I was part of the 2012 show and here's a link to the youtube video of my first lenticular art piece ever:




It's a whole weekend event, so don't miss out on fun stuff like the Black Market and Dark Park. Go to www.batsday.net to find out more details.


ArtworksLA: 22nd Annual Gala

Lastly, I donated some art to this week's ArtworxLA Spring Gala at the California Science Center. It was really interesting to see how my piece did during the silent auction. I wonder who won it? ArtworxLA is dedicated to helping teenage dropouts succeed through the arts and alternative education solutions. More info at ArtworxLA.org