I'm proud to announce that Mackenzie Blue is out on the shelves. FINALLY. (Holla!)

Produced by major international publishing house, Harper Collins, (of Narnia, Series of Unfortunate Events, and the historic To Kill A Mockingbird fame), the new book series hit stores today and can be found at all your local major reading retailers, Barnes & Noble and Borders. 

The book's release also marks my official debut as a published book illustrator. After 3 years of work, character development, media kits, pitches, all-nighters, and anxiety attacks, I got my advanced copy last week and finally got to see the fruits of my own labor. I was delighted to see the amazing quality of the actual book itself. It's paper-on-board cover with the foil embossment and was enough to make me SQUEE like a li'l school girl (which is appropo since the story is tween-centric). After oogling the cover for awhile, I dug into the 210+ page book to see how the rest of my illustration work looked. The interior pages contain over 68 vector illustrations and I was eager to see how my coloring worked with Harper's page quality. I'm hella happy with the way it turned out. I think the whole book looks beautiful and the art department at Harper did such an amazing job. 

I gotta say, it's all very exciting. I'm really grateful for the opportunity to be able to work with a power house like Harper Collins, and I love the idea of, in a way, being etched in the annals of history. (I said ANNALS, you sickos.) 

Anyways, the ride's not over yet. I'm currently working on Books 2 and 3 of the Mackenzie Blue series, so more news on the way. If you wanna buy the the first book for yourself, your tween, or your even your Kindle you can also order it here on the Barnes&Noble.com, as well as Borders.com, and of course, Amazon.com

If you wanna see a preview of the characters as well as the first 50 pages, make sure to check out MackenzieBlue.com for a look-see!

Mackenzie Blue Book 1 cover