2016: The Year of Change, For Better or Worse

Here I am again, doing the same thing at the same time from last year: writing my year-in review. And although this has become tradition for me, this year has been anything but the standard. Everything from the highs of the Chicago CUBS finally winning the World Series, to the lows of losing some of our biggest heroes, (RIP Carrie Fisher, George Michael, Mohammad Ali, Prince and David Bowie), to Brexit, and as impossible as it is to believe, Donald Trump becoming the new leader of the free world. 


2015 Year-In Review: The year of the CRAZY.

Twenty fifteen. It started off normal enough...


How do I even sum it up? There I was, prepping for another year of what I like to call my "Hollywood Hustle" when all of a sudden, things got cray. Not Donald Trump running for President crazy, but definitely aligning to the pantheon of randomness my life tends to be sometimes. 

Thanks 2014, you were actually pretty great.

So here I am, sitting in my studio, doing my annual write-up and waiting for the year to end. I have to say, 2014 was unexpectedly amazing, full of professional growth and exciting stuff. I even got to learn about ALS through an ice bucket, ended up visiting Europe for the first time and I randomly bumped in to Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, and their two kids at Subway sammiches a couple blocks from my place. Weird, right? As far as bucket lists go, I actually found myself checking a few off this year. Oh yeah, and I finally got me an iPad! Woo!

Being featured on Channel 5 KTLA News today!!!!! (And it's so weird!!!!!!!)

Total excitement day!!!!! KTLA's Gayle is TOTALLY talking about my game on today's news!!! My game exhibit is the latest video update, 4th video down. My exhibit is called Inspector Training Course. If anyone is actually following this blog, stand by for the 1pm update when they actually go inside the house exhibit! I know I will.

DCLA is finally (almost) here!

The last seven months of my life has been crazy, nonstop work...and it all finally culminates in one week!


22 Jump Street University Obstacle Course

Did some video game work for the new 22 Jump Streeet flick. Now that both the movie and site have launched, I can finally share the concept art. Play the FLASH game on the movie's promo site HERE  (Warning the library stage is unforgiving!)


Mackenzie Blue: Double Trouble (IN STORES NOW!)

I'm proud to announce that my 5th book hits the shelves today. It was about 8 months of hard work, and now it's a real book (or e-book if you will) Drawing for kids books is one of my favorite things to do and HarperCollins is a dream publisher to work with. 


Coming VERY Soon...!

"Mackenzie Blue: Double Trouble" hits the shelves NEXT WEEK! Pre-Order your copy today!



X-MANS: Gallery Nucleus (Alhambra, CA)

Exhibited at X-MANS: The Strangest Art Show Of All | Gallery Nucleus (May 17-20, 2014) | More info at brandonbird.com


Upcoming Shows!

Heads up! This weekend is gonna be artastic:

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